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I have known friends who've dated wealthier women who are happy to pay for things, but I don't think that's why their relationship started. I couldn't believe it, no other ex-girlfreind has done that for me. Having dated quite a few cougars, not that many would buy me things to keep me sweet, that wasn't the kind of relationship we had.I dated an older woman who lived quite far from me. When my car broke down, she offered to buy me a new one. One cougar I dated used to always buy me things, new clothes, a watch, things for my home. While a Boy Toy can be present in both hetero and LGBT relationships, the resource I reached out to on the matter, Toyboy Warehouse dating site (one of the largest dating sites for older women and younger men) is a heterosexual dating website. Well the answer, you may be surprised to discover, is neither really a “boy” (technically) nor a “toy.” According to, Urban Dictionary a Boy Toy y, a Boy Toy is merely a “male used for sexual purposes.” Pretty simple, right?I had an older woman (an ex) who I used to go on vacation with a lot.At first I would always pay but after so many trips, it started to get quite expensive.

Just like any other dating experience, I'm expected to pay, not the other way around!For this reason, I'll speak on the topic with regards to straight couples, though the topic is universal.The Boy Toy/Older woman relationship isn’t anything new.Here's what Boy Toys from Toy Boy Warehouse had to say: I was sort of dating this older woman from Italy while I was living in London.It wasn't a serious relationship, and we were both seeing other people, but every few months she would pay for my flights to visit her for the weekend.

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