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If the kids do and say things that sound “trendy” try listening to cisgender young people. That doesn’t negate the ideas they are talking about.Don’t worry so much about getting “validation” from others. You have options for how you want to let it play out in your lives.Try not to get mired in the difficulties of being trans/nonbinary. The hard stuff is hard, but try to enjoy and appreciate this process of learning about yourself.—Lynn, 59, they/them, nonbinary trans man At what age did you realize you may be trans or nonbinary? My earliest memories of wishing to wake up with the correct body date back to when I was maybe 5 or 6.At that moment I started to define my gender identity as nonbinary.

I remember a meeting where we were to go around and say our names and pronouns, and someone said, “I use all pronouns,” and I liked the sound of that, so I said the same thing.There are no more or less people who are trans or nonbinary then there were at any time in history, it’s just that now is the time when people feel they have the social support to be able to live authentic lives. It may not always be easy, but it is far better than the alternative.What advice do you have for younger trans and nonbinary people? Know that you may face rejection from some people, but you will find acceptance and logical family within your communities.—Spencer Bergstedt, 55, he/him, trans At what age did you realize you may be trans or nonbinary? I remember self-harming since puberty, and other things I can see were signs.I slowly became aware of nonbinary identities and now realize I am nonbinary (specifically agender).I think I was 48 when I put a name to it for the first time.

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