Young single mom dating advice

“Wait until it seems like the relationship is on solid footing, that a commitment is desired, that there is genuine love,” says Coleman.

After all, if this person becomes a more permanent fixture in your and your children’s lives, they’ll take on an authoritative role with your children, which means you both need to be on the same page about the struggles the children are facing and how you as their parent choose to discipline them.

Diving back into the dating world as a single parent can feel daunting—especially if you’ve been out of the dating scene for awhile.

It’s common to worry about things like rejection, how your kids will react to a new partner, or whether you’re even ready to have someone new come into your family’s life. Ahead, Laino, Parrott, and more experts answer this plus nine more tips that will help you date again as the awesome single parent that you are: Your best bet—for yourself and for your children—is waiting a calendar year after the end of your previous relationship to re-enter the dating scene.

But once again, it’s important to not let that fear cripple you from ever leaving the house without them.

“Keep the communication channels open,” says Parrott.

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So, if you struggled with communication in your past relationship, take your year off dating to work on connecting with others and vocalizing what's on your mind.

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