Yii form not validating

The following examples shows how to trim the spaces in the inputs and turn empty inputs into nulls by using the trim and default core validators: The following example shows how to validate the dimensions of an uploaded image file on the client side.Creating Database Use the following code to create our table.Handling Empty Inputs When input data are submitted from HTML forms, you often need to assign some default values to the inputs if they are empty.

My concern with looping through element in the form, is what will this do to disabled or hidden fields? We haven't clicked submit, we are still filling out the form.

So I also needed to have them enter the Gravatar email address. Here is the final code (note: I still needed the Finally, it works like a charm. I uncheck the checkbox, email input goes green because it's no longer required..

Now, the checkbox for "use_gravatar" is not required, they can check/uncheck it. following guides, issues, stack overflow, google (I almost used Yahoo!! I click the checkbox to use gravatar emails and boom, the email box pops up red. in most cases, unless you really need to re-validate the entire form.

Here, we have used CActive Form form validation class of Yii framework.

Line from 17 — 27 we have saved our validated input data to our database.

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Should we have it skip them when resetting the status? Only reason I can see, is because it satisfies this check, which must happen to validate the form: , it removes any other validations. I go to another field, and the checkbox (any any other already green/red validated field) goes back to normal. It looks the best way is to create a helper function ( On a side note, after chasing my tail.. Though, I still think a revalidate function should be added.

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