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Hers was the language of evasion and obfuscation, intended to smooth things over.

Never before had I seen pro-Israel bias rendered in a manner so stark and so flagrant.

One could see them, in another era, prancing at a masked ball at Versailles on the eve of the revolution. They do not understand that when they lambast Donald Trump as a disgrace or a bigot they swell his support because they, not Trump, are seen by many Americans as the enemy. As example, this country has fought wars without end since 1945, entirely for the financial benefit of a very few.

This is especially true of the 21Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chris Hayes (not at first, but he came around), and other MSNBC voices were all in favor of bombing Libya, and as far as I know are not particularly focused on the horrendous results.

Lawrence O’Donnell’s churlish pontificating frequently inspired nausea, and I’ve never been able to tolerate the circus clown buffoonery of Chris Matthews.

Gruff-mannered Ed Schultz, who belonged to a previous era of broadcasting, filled out the then evening lineup.

I learned Hayes had been made part of the company back in September 2001 when he ran into Kristan Schmidt, Artistic Director of Walkabout, in the lobby of the Chopin Theater.

The twin towers had fallen earlier that week and the two of them talked for hours. Hayes was then just out of school, having graduated Brown University with a degree in philosophy.

Since the “heroes” kerfuffle, Hayes has been steadily dwindling in moral stature much as Scott Carey, protagonist of Jack Arnold’s wonderful 1957 flick The Incredible Shrinking Man, inexorably declines in physical size.Chris Hayes was still recognizably the person I’d known during my Walkabout days though he looked a bit heavier, his face a bit fuller.On television his rapid-fire speech pattern came across as too earnest and his mannerisms quickly became tiresome and all too often he followed the Rachel Maddow formula of using fifty words when five will suffice, but of the talking heads in the MSNBC stable he was by far the least objectionable.He demanded that Greenwald alter his “tone” to accommodate such a idiotic perspective, but he never hinted at the possibility that people might alter their idiocy, that they might stop choosing between personalities and deal with facts, that they might vote for politicians and simultaneously critique their failings, that they might view elected officials as representatives rather than deities.The thrust of Michael Arria’s journalism in Medium Blue is that talking heads on such channels as MSNBC are little more than sock puppets in the service of powerful individuals who occupy the pinnacles of the corporate power structure.

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