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Zadeh says mobile devices have sped up the online dating process and boosted online engagement, while video chat has allowed people to do a "light first date." Despite all the technology to prescreen and make introductions, the only true test to see if you're a match, according to Zadeh, is meeting in person for that first date to test out the chemistry -- or lack thereof.

The proliferation of dating apps and the ubiquity of the Internet has led to a messy change in dating dynamics.

The choice in who we can reach out to has greatly expanded, but that only seems to have splintered our attention more.

I’ve been a musician, artist, product designer, brand manager, business owner, mother, step-mother, divorced and single again, survived a natural disaster and health crisises.

Becoming single after a long marriage led me to explore online dating with wonderful, positive results.

I used the marketing skills and expertise from my career as a brand manager to create an innovative system for managing the entire online dating process, from writing the most compelling profiles, to decoding a man’s profile, to the specifics of writing emails and plenty of advice for planning no-fail, enjoyable first dates. I wrote the because so many girlfriends asked me to share my insights about how to have an enjoyable online dating experience.

But that’s not the primary security risk you open yourself up to.

Now that you have thought things through, here is the experience you can expect to find when you choose not to sign into your Google account.

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