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Yes, it is 4-6 hours on the boat (opt for the smaller one – you will see more and closer) and all the commentary is in French, but no words needed to gasp at the islets and granite rock mass peppered with hidden caves, crevices and occasional goats – almost every bit of the sea and landscape, that will appear within your eyesight, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.Spoiler: Homer’s Odysseus landed in Corsica on his way from Ithaca.No matter how much you enjoy blissful idleness but hiking and a boat trip is a must in Ajaccio.Otherwise, it’s like you went to Paris and ignored Montmarte wine-drinking (whaaat? My favourite moment was a seemingly never-ending walk to the Genovese Tower: it included Corsican flora wonders, like the dead horse arum lily or the spiny boom, and songs of the Corsican nuthatch (you won’t hear this track anywhere else, limited edition! Then a trip to the west coast of the island – the Scandola Nature Reserve, Girolata and Calanches de Piana.Real profiles of our website, lonely and beautiful ladies and men - that is what we guarantee.

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Whatever can be seasoned will be seasoned with the local herbs: Corsica is a very flavoured island.

Its hills, shores and streets smell of laurel, myrtle, rosemary, nepeta and immortelle – I just wanted to bottle Corsican air up and carry in the pocket of my skirt.

And if you don’t believe my humble opinion – believe the one of Henry Matisse, who spent his honeymoon in Corsica in 1898. ”, – tried to justify his not-so-honeymoon-ish behavior the artist.

It is telling, that instead of simple romantic/touristic pleasures, like munching langoustines, buying up Napoleon magnets or writing on the sand “Henry Amelie = Love”, Matisse… In a few years, still inspired by the southern light, he came up with the wild, dissonant colors of Fauvism.

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