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When rejection is no longer so frightening, you will find that your fear of being controlled diminishes.The less fear you have, the less you will be triggered into the stress response of fight or flight.There is no point in continuing a conflict when one or both of you are coming from fear.Continuing a conflict when the fight or flight response is activated will only erode your relationship. best-selling author of eight books, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process.That is when partners tend to fight or withdraw, neither of which leads to conflict resolution.Obviously, fighting or fleeing is not the best way of dealing with conflict.

If he was attached to his ex-girlfriend, and the break up hurt him, he's not gay, he's obviously attracted to girls.

The more you learn to value yourself rather than expect your partner to define your worth and lovability, the less fear you have of rejection.

The more you learn to take loving care of your own feelings and needs, the less dependent you are upon your partner.

As the stress response leaves your body, you can think better.

This allows you to open to learning about your end of the conflict.

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More often than not, it is the stress response itself that is the issue.

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