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, there was one particular episode I was told I needed to watch because it was by far the funniest of the entire season: episode 8, “Thanksgiving.” Rather than having the story resolve around Ansari, the show pushed his homegirl Denise (played by Lena Waithe, who also wrote that episode) into the role of protagonist.

When someone flirts with me at a bar, the impacts of this very unconventional presidency almost always come up.It’s entirely possible for a white person to be my ideal partner, but when I date people who are racially similar, I find there are fewer racial blind spots.In college, I was casually dating a white man when I experienced non-black members of my sorority using the N-word, both as a slur and as a casual expression of kinship that they didn’t see as a problematic.Once, a white guy felt so bad that he bought me a shot — and then begged my forgiveness on behalf of all white people.During a one-night stand with a white woman, she began crying, saying that sometimes she “hated being white.” She wanted me to reassure her that it was okay for her to have privileges I don’t.

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