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The actress, Camilla Luddington, is not present for most of the season as she was pregnant during the season. Jo is selected to be the Chief Resident, after her continues success in the OR.Jo tells Alex that she does not want to hide anymore from her husband, and files a divorce from him.He is distraught that she will not marry him and gets into an argument with her. Jo begins to hang out with De Luca, ultimately getting drunk, leaving him to take care of her.Alex is getting Owen ready for his wedding when he realizes that he wanted to fight for her. De Luca arrives at Jo's and Alex's home, trying to get Jo into bed.

She lived in several foster homes while she was growing up. When Jo is crying in the hallway about messing up the surgery, Hunt reveals to her the truth & tells her Meredith is not mean but only a good resident and teacher.But as Alex is charged with a felony, she begins to get closer with De Luca.In the beginning, it was to try to get him not to face charges but eventually does find a friend in him. As De Luca and Jo grow closer, he develops feelings for her, although he does not act on it after he finds out that Jo might have a possibly she still loves Alex.Jo begins to lose consciousness of her surroundings as the screen goes black.Her husband dies in a freak auto accident and she is set free.

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Sofology, Owen Wilson's cheque-writers, looks like a place where people who hate comfort shop. You knew what you were getting, and it was very good. I have no idea about his current state of mind as he only does tiny video interviews these days, in pairs, to puff a film he loathes, but the lack of meaty roles for one of the most gifted actors of his generation is a pity for cinema and a big what if too.

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