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After a few weeks of complete devastation, I saw an opportunity to audition for a super intense performing arts scholarship program in LA…Long story short, I flew last minute to LA with my mom, auditioned, got in (yay!!!! As soon as I finished the program, I got signed to a dance agency and tried to get in with an acting agency but got turned down and was very discouraged. Ya that was me screaming in my car.) It was a literal childhood dream come true.The plan was to go to my dream college that had one of the best performing arts programs, then go to LA to follow my dream of being a lead actress.Fun fact, that plan failed big time and I didn’t get into my dream college.Apart from acting, she also has a good voice and often sings, as well as is an accomplished dancer and has made her way up, quick.But it is not just her innate talents that have been a factor in her rise.

Despite becoming so famous, there is still a lot unknown about her; especially regarding her ethnicity, childhood and net worth value.Hence, we have found a couple of false news as well regarding her dating life, and some sources even say that she has already been married, which is not true.Currently at 18 years of age, Rachel doesn’t seem to have a husband, and she doesn’t even have a boyfriend at the moment.She is additionally passionate about her charity, UNBREAKABLE, active in humanitarian aid and volunteers her time to organizations benefiting the homeless, women, and children in need.Mi LLENNIAL caught up with Rachele to learn how she broke through the iron door of Hollywood and how she is using her success to fuel positive initiatives.

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Other than that, there isn’t any credited news regarding her romance available.

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