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They even worked together on Duff’s compilation album “Most Wanted” before parting ways in November 2006.The “American Pie” actress met Daly on the set of “Total Request Live” in March 2000.The 'Mysterious Girl' singer admits the omission of alcohol from his life was just something that gradually happened and when he met and began dating his future spouse Emily, 30, in 2012 she didn't drink either so booze just wasn't a big thing in their life together.However, Pete admits he sometimes can't resist a nice glass of red wine when he is indulging in a delicious rib eye steak meal.

Though they reconciled briefly, even attending the 2012 Golden Globe Awards together, Dern reactivated the divorce proceedings in July 2012. Streisand and Agassi were in a relationship in the early '90s.

The couple split in December 2000, after months of separation.

The “Friends” star was in a six-year relationship with Keaton, before splitting in 1995.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "The minute my life changed was the minute I had children, I grew up.

Before then my mind was like a kid, I didn't care, I would party on tour, I would get little sleep and I didn't care where I ended up in the world, but then you have children and grew up almost overnight." One aspect of Pete's mature lifestyle is that he is basically teetotal.

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  1. And you’re right—now that I’m older and have good friends and a family, being on location can be very lonely, because the people you are with can often feel like temporary friends. Like, I always have an adjustment period where I’m so happy to be home, but then my sense of purpose is totally gone.