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Had dinner last night with a friend of his who confirmed it. So maybe that means that, since it's getting to the point where he can't hide it, that he's the MAY 5TH celebrity.R2, I don't know whether the OP knows a friend of Evan's or not, but it's pretty obvious that OP is right about the rest of it - Evan is gay and it's known in the skating world.They have a strong faith and can be seen as stubborn in their old ways. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us.It quacks like a duck and when it gets out of the pond it walks like a duck. My own observation is that Evan is in denial and probably has not come to terms with his own sexuality yet - much like Clay Aiken in his Idol days. Young people and even older people have to grasp their own identity as it is comfortable for them.He may have been in a very strict, secluded life training all these years nonstop for the Olympics.According to Chinese Zodiac, Evan was born in the Year of the Ox. Discover the net worth of Evan Lysacek on Celebs View Evan Lysacek height, weight & body stats Evan Lysacek’s biography and horoscope. People born in the Year of the Ox are persistent and straightforward.

You're probably the same person who has been lying about what you've seen regarding Evan.

Unless the Russians ice dancers stay eligible, they have no medal contenders in 2014.

I'm not R83 and I certainly do not think being called gay is an insult, but you have absolutely zero evidence that Evan Lysacek is gay.

Yeah everyone knows it outside the skating world as well.

You have to be a skating dork, ensconced within that bizarro world where Johnny Weir apparently stands out as particularly effeminate among a group of lithe young men in sequined unitards, for this to even be in question The level of veracity of gossip has sunk really low on Datalounge lately. Or I remember hearing five or seven years such and such is true. I am not talking about how good (as in juicy) the gossip is or is not, R22.

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For christ sakes, R120 and R122, you are really trying to sway opinion by exaggerating.

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