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Likewise, he contributes part of the money to his fortune through his side jobs such as author, producer. However, there is no information about other body measurements, including waist size, dress size, shoe size, etc.

At the moment the couple is living a luxurious life together. Shauna Redford is a good painter and collected a huge fortune with her artwork.

The current home where he lives, Robert owns two more homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nepa Valley, California.

In other hands her husband, Eric Schlosser has an estimated net worth of 9 million US dollars.

Since he is struggling in the news and film industry, he has successfully achieved this enormous sum of money.

His main source of income is his career as a journalist.

The family lives a happy life and they have no problems in their lives that would ruin their happy relationship.

Shauna Redford has an estimated net worth of million.

In addition to his many works on television, the actor is also an entrepreneur and the founder of the largest independent film festival in the United States – Sundance Film Festival.We hope that Redford will one day publish her artworks and gain the attention and appreciation of the people she deserves.Eric began his career as a journalist at The Atlantic Monthly in Boston, Massachusetts.As a young kid/man, Robert Redford excelled mainly in sports: baseball, football, tennis, track, and field while he admittedly foundered at other things.Robert revealed that his first job as a box boy in a supermarket, (where his job description was to bag items purchased by customers) was terminated not long after he started working.

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