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Will: Joyce accidentally walked in on you two hugging and talking about how much you care about each other.Max: Billy told everyone when he saw you two kissing.Madi: Going Insta Official is a very public way of saying “Yes, I am in a relationship with this person, and I’m ready for the whole world to know,” which is a pretty big deal.It means you’re not just dating, you’re not just hooking up, you’re not just “talking,” you’re in a full-blown, ready-to-share-with-the-universe relationship.ELLE.com's slack room lit up after Selena Gomez posted (then deleted, then reposted with a new filter) a photo of herself holding what appeared to be a Poloroid of her currently on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber."March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. "Instagram official," Madi Feller, ELLE.com's assistant editor, told me.

As far as I understood it, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had been "official" for months. But, I learned, Instagram Official, means something else.And thus the act of going Instagram Official must be done with care.Alyssa: Instagram has become bigger than Facebook in the way twentysomethings curate their lives.Watch their “American Idol” performance video above.SEE ‘American Idol’: Did Maddie Poppe deserve to win season 16 over Gabby Barrett and Caleb Lee Hutchinson?

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