When did andy and erin start dating

While this relationship didn’t get developed too much in the show, it was a sweet one.

After being treated so poorly by Andy, Erin definitely deserved to be dating someone who would treat her well.

might have consistently made us laugh, but it did more than that, too.

One of the best things about the show is how it made us love the characters and get to know them over the nine seasons.

He would regularly break up with her and cheat on her.

They were both major dorks, and they loved each other for who they were.Holly wasn’t always trying to change Michael, and Michael also respected Holly as a person.It was heartwarming in the finale when we learned that the two were married with children. They were codependent, and Ryan always treated Kelly poorly.He was basically just a complete asshole to her in the end, and Erin definitely deserved better.While at the start of their relationship it seemed like the two of them could be a decent couple, it clearly became clear that Andy was too selfish and lacking in self-awareness to treat Erin well.

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