Wall by wall, the protective shield Emily created for herself comes crumbling down.

After leaving, some truths are revealed that change everything this is a Sam/Leah fic When Martin finds that Sandy has suddenly up and left, leaving Aaron in his care he goes to the only place he knows for help.

and even becomes best friends with the other two members?

What if Brenda had shown up at the Bel Age and Kelly had been the one to flake?

I had known the vampire was coming back to kill me.

A week haunted by him, as he flaunted my impending death.

In a fluke accident an old connection with Draco Malfoy is re-established forcing them to share magic.

But now shes back, what will the group think of what they think is the new girl and what will Edward think of her payback.

When everything goes wrong and the unthinkable happens, who will help her survive.

Enjoy & please Review Thanks Bella moves back to La Push to live with her father Charlie.

The Malfoy's come, he falls in love with a vampire and ends a war.

He's meant to be babysitting the kids, but an emergency Ministry meeting means he has to turn to the least prepossessing of his Aurors for help.

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