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The sterilizer must be installed in such a manner to facilitate any necessary maintenance, repair, adjustment, cleaning,and calibration.OQ is defined as “obtaining and documenting evidence that the installed equipment operates within predetermined limits when used in accordance with its operational procedures.” Autoclave OQs commonly test or verify items such as cycle operation and programming instructions, safety and alarm testing,error reporting, empty chamber temperature profiling and chamber temperature limits/specifications, air removal testing, leak testing, temperature control anomalies, full cycle full-load temperature profiles (if proposed fullcycle exposure time is known), and determination of any hot or cold spots withinthe chamber.Much of this type of information would be recorded in well-written validation protocols or validation final reports.Biological indicators often use spores of the bacterial species Geobacillus stearothermophilus at a titer of greater than 106per BI, although other species or titers are sometimes used.For decades, steam sterilization (autoclaving) has been an integral part in the manufacturing, cleanroom, and laboratory processes for the medical device, pharmaceutical, biologics, and human tissue/HCTP industries.It has been a common industry practice to validate steam sterilizers using the published guideline ISO 11134 Sterilization of health care products — Requirements for validation and routine control - Industrial moist heat sterilization, issued in 1994.The new 17665 steam document varies little from the previous standard in respect to the minimal PQ information that is provided.

The new document also states more clearly that a fully compliant validation is not just a series of successful halfcycles,but is the full complement of successful IQ, OQ, and PQ.The new 17665 document also has more information on IQ and OQ.It defines IQ as “obtaining and documenting evidence that equipment has been provided and installed in accordance with its specification.” Autoclave installations commonly document items such as the sterilizer identification numbers, location, line voltage and amperage, water supply piping and pressure limits, steam line requirements, filtration, chamber size, structure and support, piping materials, software certification, manuals, drawings and documentation, and calibrations (temperature, pressure, and timer).In late 2006, AAMI released the document intended to supersede 11134, with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 17665-06 Sterilization of health care products — Moist heat — Part 1: Requirements for the development, validation, and routine control of a sterilization process for medical is anticipated that the new 17665 standard will be recognized by the FDA and will be commonly employed to validate autoclave processes.

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Items such as: VALIDATION – PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATION AAMI TIR #13 states “Sterilization process validation is a documented procedure for obtaining, recording, and interpreting the results required to establish that a process will consistently yield product complying with its predetermined specifications.” For the purposes of this article, the primary specification will be sterility.

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