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For real-life behaviors of infidelity, we found few significant generational differences. Was there a difference between online activities and behavior “in real life” when it comes to infidelity? When asked if they’ve been unfaithful in real life, 15% said “yes,” showing no difference between older and younger generations.

There’s a clear majority opposed to sexual infidelity as traditionally understood, but we see some slippage in the percentage of people who said extramarital affairs are “always wrong” – that went down 8 points from 83% in 1998 to 75% in 2018.

The outcomes refer to commitment, stability and happiness. Furthermore, a study done by the Pew Research Center reports that 60% of seniors aged 75 to 79 and 44% of those who are 80-plus years old use the internet. For instance, sexual talk online, sexting, cybersex and having a secret emotional relationship online were all considered “unfaithful behavior” by a majority of our respondents.

Many of them are now dating or cohabiting, either because they are widowed, divorced or never married, so this is an issue that cuts across age groups. The three exceptions that a majority of participants did not call cheating were flirting with someone in real life, following a former love interest online and consuming pornography.

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It included participants from Generation X and the millennial, baby boomer and silent/greatest generations.

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” Another recent study has found that about four-in-10 romantic relationships are now initiated online. You Gov surveyed 2,000 married, cohabiting and single individuals for a representative sample from across the U. We also used findings from the General Social Survey.

Our objective in this new report is narrower; it’s about whether or not people who are erecting fences online around their relationships are more satisfied and if the relationships are stronger. The silent/greatest generation, who are 75 or older, were included because this is a nationally representative sample. The vast majority of respondents, 70%, called six of the nine behaviors they were asked about “cheating,” indicating that, overall, even in 2019, most Americans don’t want their partners having a relationship online or in real life with someone else, especially without knowing about it.

UVA Today asked Wilcox to explain more about the “i Fidelity” report. What made you want to pursue this topic of online behavior and what did you seek to find out? The internet revolution has been as momentous as the introduction of the printing press.

We wanted to ask, “How does this new online world affect the nature and quality of contemporary American relationships?

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