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The company further announced that it will auto-enroll eligible Android users to its Call Filter service and block what are seen as "high-risk" calls.

This includes calls from numbers that have been reported as fraudulent.

In the Internet of Things -- or the "Intelligence of Things," which is a more apt description -- the automotive segment has become a leading center of innovation.

Only healthcare offers the same ability to leverage advances in sensors, processing, connectivity and artificial intelligence technology to advance an industry while simultaneously improving society. 1 mobile carrier in the United States, this week introduced a free version of its robocall-blocking app, which will be standard on all new Android devices.

A new application may be in the works that allows Instagram users to share real-time information with their closest friends. Trained in public health and international development, I was presented with a problem that needed to be fixed.

Called "Threads," the app allows users to set up automatic sharing with their closest Instagram buddies of such information as location, movement and battery life, as well as text, video and photo messages generated using Instagram's tools. The step-up in medical research theft by Chinese APT hacker groups appears to be linked to China's growing concern over cancer mortality rates and increasing healthcare costs. Suffering from a naturally inquisitive mind as I do, it was only a few rabbit holes later that I found my world blown open by a richly diverse global network of coders, mappers, geeks and dreamers.

Older BIOS versions and drivers could result in the docking station or other Thunderbolt device not being recognized by your computer or not functioning optimally.

Digital forensics deals with the aftermath of the incident in an investigatory role, whereas, cybersecurity is more focused on the prevention and detection of attacks.Owners of i Phones looking for an extra measure of protection when using applications and logging into websites can get it with a new dongle from Yubico.Its new Yubi Key 5Ci, which retails for , supports both USB-C and Apple's Lightning connectors on a single device.Hackers affiliated with the Chinese government have been making a concerted effort to steal medical research, particularly cancer research, from U. These are folks are hacking real-world development challenges.I'm struck by the way Apple and Tesla are executing a model very similar to IBM's.

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