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no you cant change the cache size, I managed to nearly fill my 120gb, I install all my games before I play them. Its much better because your xbox wont make such a loud sound when playing a game.When you go to the game in your dashboard you press y and itll show install game, It takes awhile so just let it complete and do something else maybe. But its a good idea to do it anyway because it doesnt wear your xbox as much.

For its version history, see Legacy Console Edition version history.

If there's some sort of problem with update detection, then it may fix it. When it gets full it has to delete some to make room.

It won't delete your online rankings, that sort of stuff isn't even saved to your 360. So if you play alot of diff games you will have to download the same updates again.

Some of my games that have already recieved their updates just wont stop updating.

Some of my other games are fine but its just a few but who knows, there could be lots more.

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