Updating took over 30 minutes for who is adelaide kane dating 2016

Hey there, long time pc/mac player (picked up the game in 2009) and I've been on and off since.In all my years of playing games, I have NEVER experienced an update process that has been this painstakingly slow.

You don't indicate WHERE you are geographically, which brings up the possibility that your ISP is connected to the Internet via a major government mandated and controlled gateway -- where each individual packet is examined for what is considered objectionable content.

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Either way any new person to the game would have gave up ages ago. Given that it apparently works acceptably for some people, I suspect the problem may be something like insufficient TCP buffer size, which would not cause issues with a low bandwidth delay product but would be more and more noticeable with higher ping times and/or a bigger pipe.

IOW a gigabit connection on the other side of the world from the servers would only have a tiny fraction of its capacity used by the LOTRO patcher.

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I come back to the game every once and a while to see if there’s anything new both with the client and the game itself.

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