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Would I need the radio update and if so where would I get it and how would I go about applying it?Operator T-Mobile has confirmed that will let out the following version of an insertion 1.1 /RC-33 for smart phone T-Mobile G1 from February, 5 till February, 15th.Unless you’re using a T-mobile USA sim, do not install RC30 because this version comes with myfaves. You will also get messages from your provider about sms messages that could not be delivered.The RC8 and ADP1 release comes with all the apps of RC30 (excluding myfaves) so you wont miss anything.

The lucky beggars who have received updating RC-33 before a great bulk of users Android - the smart phone, inform that now the smart phone supports vocal search Google.The popular T-Mobile G1 Android handset, which recently sold its one millionth handset, will be updated to Android version 1.5 in the next coming weeks, including the addition of an on-screen keyboard, more widgets, video recording and finally, stereo Bluetooth.For now, the update is only promised for T-Mobile Germany but it is very unlikely that other regions, most notably North America, will be left out in the cold. Netflix has changed how their platform works in numerous ways throughout the years.Currently there are three flavours available: If you are a normal user that wants to have root access, install RC8.If you are an advanced developer that wants to do kernal hacking, install ADP1.

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