Updating the display during lengthy operations

Also by using a class, you can set it up to handle initializing and releasing the Status Bar automatically.

Once the object goes out of scope it will automatically clean up and release the Status Bar back to Excel.

Some examples with similar approaches can be found in the following links: Dim x As Integer Dim My Timer As Double 'Change this loop as needed. Status Bar = "Progress: " & x & " of 50: " & Format(x / 50, "0%") Next x Application.

Status Bar = False Here's another example using the Status Bar as a progress bar.

application works on the principle of Thread affinity which means other threads can't interact with each other. Sometimes developers need to manage the thread or update WPF UI.

Sometime in the past, a friend asked me how to update a control to show status while his code is doing a loop of stuff.

The bar I want is just a little blue bar moves right and left and repeats till the update is done, no percentage needed.

I know I should use the In the past, with VBA projects, I've used a label control with the background colored and adjust the size based on the progress.

Show Progress(Action Index, Total Actions, Title.....) I hope this helps.

By using some Unicode Characters, you can mimic a progress bar. Just select one according to how much space you want to show between the bars.

You can set the length of the bar by changing NUM_BARS.

So, I've decided to add a helper method to refresh a WPF control.

I really appreciated the Refresh method in Win Forms (which executes both Invalidate & Update), so I'm renaming my method to be Refresh as well.

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