Updating the database with a dataadapter and the dataset

Each data adapter can fill one or more Data Table objects and manage updates in the appropriate source.Data Relation and Constraint objects added to the Data Set allow relation of data from different sources such as an SQL Server database, My SQL, and an IBM DB2 database.These classes interoperate with database directly: SQLite Provider Factory, SQLite Connection, SQLite Transaction, SQLite Data Adapter, SQLite Command, SQLite Parameter, and SQLite Data Reader. Module Module1 Sub Print Dept(By Val connection As SQLite Connection) Dim command As SQLite Command = connection. Command Text = "select * from dept" ' Call the Close method when you are finished using the SQLite Data Reader ' to use the associated SQLite Connection for any other purpose. For more information, refer to the descriptions of these classes.The objects, which represent the disconnected model of ADO. ' Or put the reader in the using block to call Close implicitly. Execute Reader() ' printing the column names For i As Integer = 0 To reader. Here is a small sample that demonstrates usage of SQLite Data Table.This walkthrough supposes that you know how to connect to server and how to create the necessary objects on the server. NET serve as a bridge between an application and a data source, and allow you to execute commands as well as to retrieve data by using a Data Reader or a Data Adapter. Print Dept(conn) ' updating records in Dept Module1.Note that if you do not use design-time (specifically, if you do not place on a designer SQLite Connection component from toolbox), you have to embed license information manually. As we know, an original function of any database application is establishing a connection to a data source and working with data contained in it. Updating data involves using the Command and Data Adapter objects; and it may also involve using transactions. New Line) ' Always call Read before accesing data While reader. Modify Dept(conn) ' printing out the Dept table to console Module1. Read Line() End Try End Using End Sub End Module A traditional way for working with Data Table and Data Set assumes consecutive creating and initializing Connection, Command, Data Adapter, and Command Builder objects.In the next chapter, you will learn about Data Tables and Data View.Data Reader provides a way to read data quickly and drop the connection.

This efficiency improves the scalability of an application.

There are a couple of problems with doing it this way: Dim my Adapter as Sql Data Adapter = new Sql Data Adapter( “SELECT * FROM Customers; SELECT * FROM Orders“, connection) my Adapter.

Table Name = “Orders“) It would be so much easier if they made it so you can use the same Data Adapter to update all the tables you load into the Data Set with the Data Adapter.

The goal of this tutorial is to retrieve and update the data from the table dept (the appropriate DDL/DML script is located at \Program Files\Devart\dot Connect\SQLite\Samples\- the default path of dot Connect for SQLite installation). NET Standard 1.3 compatible assemblies, because there are no base classes for them. Active = True ' modifying the third record my Data Table. Update() & " rows updated.") Dim my Row As Data Row Dim my Col As Data Column ' printing the Data Table content For Each my Row In my Data Table. Write Line() Next my Row Finally ' Active=false does not clear the data, but frees the resources allocated on the server, if any. Active = False End Try End Sub SQLite Data Set can be easily created with Devart Data Set Wizard and visually managed with Devart Data Set Manager.

SQLite Data Adapter and SQLite Data Table components are available for full . Thus, you cannot use disconnected model classes and SQLite Data Adapter in projects targeted . Rows(3)("DName") = "Researches" ' Update method executes the appropriate commands (delete, insert, or update) in the data source. Please refer to our Using Data Set Wizard and Using Data Set Manager articles.

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Data Sets merely hold data, and do not interact with a data source.

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