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Once inserted, a dog cannot feel the microchip and the special capsule around it means that it does not break down and is designed to last your pet’s lifetime.The microchip is coded with a unique number that can be read by a scanner.Microchips do not store personal data – this is kept against the unique identification number on a secure database.If your dog is found and scanned, the microchip database is accessed online and the organisation that has your dog, for example a veterinary surgery, a rescue centre or the police, can use the number to find your details.For more information on pet Micro Chips click here, and for information on the UK 24hr PETtrac Database Reunification Service click here. Please note, you will have to click the 'Forgot your password' link to reset your password if this is the first time you are logging into our new portal.

When the microchip number is entered, the name of the owner, with a photo of the pet, as well as four different forms of contact for the current registered owner, will instantly display on the screen.Click here to see how you can update the contact information registered on the pet Micro Chip.Click here if you would like to sign up for a FREE email reminding you to update your details once a year.We have FREE stickers, leaflets and posters available for your organisation.Just click here to see more information about the campaign.

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