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In the end, we decided to You have probably seen tutorials on how to DIY a shaker style cabinet door because I have and I used their tutorial to start my updates, like this one or this one.But something that worried me about their tutorials was using 1/4″ plywood.Who loves the look of the classic shaker style cabinet doors? But I could not bring myself to rip out these solid wood cabinets, plus I did not want to spend the money on new ones. A year ago we were talking about what to do with our kitchen cabinets because they were dated.Let me give you the cost breakdown of this project without the paint.

Now what we’re looking for is proportion and placement of the molding. RH: One of the first things we’re going to do is take some molding that I’ve cut slightly over sized, a little bit longer than we actually need. We’re going to cut an angle off one end with the miter box. RH: Laura wants this to be a hands on project so she takes over and makes the next few cuts. And guess what, he had the same concerns I did about using plywood.He told me it would take a LOT of prep work to get the type of finish I wanted and that we should look for a different/better product, maybe MDF. because of what water does to it plus I have never used it before. He also told me he had another person in the store just the other day looking at doing a plank wall out of plywood and he voiced the same concern about using a better product to get a better finish without all the extra work.If the piece is too big, cut a little bit more from the piece.Your goal is to have this piece fit perfectly with a very little gap.

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