Updating oblivion lod files

- load the save you made after waiting for that cell reset ** A special trick for those that use long cell reset times, use only if you know what you are doing** You can use a console command to temporarily set the cell respawn time to a low number - it should not get saved to save game according to the CS Wiki.

Write in the console: Set Game Setting IHours To Respawn Cell 1 That sets the cell reset time globally to one hour. List of basic combat features and short descriptions (INCLUDES SHORT DESCRIPTIONS AND INFO ON ALL OF THE SPECIAL FEATURES AS WELL) 4.

* A new power attack animation for melee weapons, replacing the basic swing power attack with a quick THRUST - you´ll love it like me and the NPC´s do!******************************* DEADLY REFLEX 4.02 by Skycaptain ******************************* !!!!!! Two small bug fixes have been relesed for 4.0: ****************************************************************************************************************** v4.02: * fixes mouse locking when player got bashed during failed neck stab attempt * NPC´s now react accordingly if they notice you attempting a stab, but you happen to fail simply because of being too far away - failed stab against a friendly NPC gets reported as an attack (note that Reneer´s guard mod hides this kinda bounty if you are not caught by the guards) * tweaks/fixes to bashing/punching reactions outside combat: - again, guard overhauls may hide the bounties and deal with them according to their own way ----------- V4.01: -fixes the freeze/slow motion bug, when neck stab was used without a weapon -fixes the Convulcive Combustion crash, when Oblivion was installed to other than the default location -other stability fixes, just in case -README UPDATED FOR BETTER DIRECTIONS ON INSTALLING/UPDATING!!!******************************************************************************************************************** If you don´t have version 4.0 or 4.01 running, follow the instructions in the readme.If you do, just install this fix on top of the 4.0 or 4.01, and continue playing like there never were any problems. - - - ANY users, new or old, having problems with save games after enabling this mod: Delete your Archive Invalidation file, and use Oblivion Mod Manager´s BSA redirection method instead.******************************************************************************************************************** - - - ATTENTION! Users updating from a versions before 4.0 need to wait for a CELL RESET - details and tips below. ALSO - THE NAMES OF THE ESP´s ARE CHANGED FROM VERSIONS BEFORE 4.0, DELETE THE OLD ONES AS THEY WILL NOT GET OVERWRITEN!!!!

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