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By now, you should have a good impression about the configurability and versatility of IIS.

You should also be aware that it can be extended to serve (pun intended) many purposes besides hosting ASP. Through extension, IIS becomes a highly versatile and stable web server for the Windows platform.

(I have to say, that last one has come in handy for me numerous times, like when a Node app has some shell scripts as part of the npm build).

The Internet Information Services (IIS) option is the one we want!

The certificate is imbedded in the body of the email.

In this post, we’re going to take a close look at IIS (Internet Information Services). For example, the default port for HTTP traffic is 80, and the one for HTTPS is 443.

You can script everything, which is great if you like the power that comes with being able to do so.

Although the single-thread model (Node.js, for example) has some worker threads available, it typically only uses them for certain kinds of work, such as file system access.

The thread-per-request model that IIS (and its lightweight cousin IIS Express) uses will grab a thread from a thread pool for each request.

Once you have all the desired IIS features selected, click OK and go get a fresh cup of coffee.

When the install is done, you can get to the IIS GUI by typing “IIS” in the Windows search or by running “inetmgr.”Before we get into details, I want to give you a quick intro to IIS Manager.

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The integrated pipeline differs from the classic pipeline in that ASP. In fact, if you don’t need those application pools, you might as well just go ahead and remove them. A single application pool has zero to many worker processes (w3wp.exe) running at any given time.

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