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To find all your "protected" music in i Tunes, in the List view click on "Kind" to order your music by the type of file it is.

Should you not see the "Kind" option, click on "View" and select "Show View Options" in the Menu bar.

The install itself requires just a few clicks of the ‘Next’ There is little configuration to do in order to get the DRM functional.

Basically we just need to sync the Dell online database with our local install of DRM.

Under file, check "Kind." Now scroll down to "Protected AAC audio file." That's the music you need to replace. Now select the cloud icon again and download the songs you just deleted by clicking on the cloud with the downward pointing arrow icon for each song. All that horrible DRM is gone and you can play your music on as many computers as you like and on whatever music player you own.

If you’ve ever tried to tackle all the firmware on an m1000e/VRTX and its’ respective blades you probably know what a hot mess it can be – using various different methods to update different pieces of hardware, some requiring a Live CD, some requiring a boot-able USB key, some requiring you to extract an EXE and find secret payload files, and some being installed through the GUI.

You should see a list of music that's ready to be downloaded with a cloud icon and an arrow pointed down.

First up we need to setup the Dell Repository Manager (DRM) – you should be able to find the downloadable msi under the Systems Management portion of any of your supported Dell products on their driver download page.The next thing we need to do is to export this repository into some sort of deployable format that can be consumed by our servers and chassis.To do so, make sure that all of the bundles listed are checked and select ‘Create Deployment Tools’ in the top right hand corner.After a few minutes of ‘Reading Catalog’ and ‘Writing data to database’ we should be good to go to continue with the creation of our repository.Now it is time to create a new repository which will pull down the updates for the hardware existing within our m1000e.

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