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In 2013, the couple splits because of TJ's jealousy over Molly's friendship with Rafe Kovich (Jimmy Deshler).After Rafe's interference and TJ's one-night-stand with Taylor Du Bois (Samantha Logan), the couple reconciles.

TJ admits to throwing the party without her knowledge and Alexis forbids them from seeing each other.However, TJ and Molly start dating in secret after the party in February 2012.In the summer of 2012, Molly and TJ's secret romance is discovered her by sister Kristina (Lindsey Morgan), but Molly convinces her to keep quiet.TJ disapproves when Molly helps Rafe escape police custody and hides him at her house.TJ makes plans to ask Molly to prom but she confesses that Rafe kissed her.

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