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SHAPE SHIFTER Location: Cave of Courage, Tree Palace, Underground City, Mana Fortress HP: 350 MP: 0 EXP: 1140 Gold: 1500 Weak: None Immune: ?Special: Changes into: Spells: None Treasure: None Rare: None Traps: None TERMINATOR Location: The Mana Fortress HP: 300 MP: 99 EXP: 4570 Gold: 3600 Weak: Shade Immune: ? Spells: (7) Lucid Barrier, Lucent Beam Treasure: Faerie Crown Rare: Whip Orb (Candy if lvl 9) Traps: ?Personally, I blame everyone going with Barney’s version on the patriarchy. One of our country’s oldest monsters: who started life as a 13th child born to someone named Mother Leeds in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.NEW JERSEY Monster: The Jersey Devil The gist: Head of a horse, wings of a bat, forked tail, hoofed goat feet. In 1735, this accursed child sprang forth — at first normal in appearance, but later sprouting hoofed feet, bat wings, a horse’s head and a forked tail.

Here you will find a field-guide to the werewolves, lake monsters, vampires, swamp people, and space brains that populate these 50 states.They told of a man — a man — who would prowl the streets and attack people before leaping and bounding off. While those first reports came out of 1830s London, others sightings followed through the years.And a 100-or-so years later, Jack started paying visits to the Americas — first to Silver City, New Mexico in 1938, then to Cape Cod shortly after. Some people suspect a connection between Spring-heeled Jack and Jack the Ripper. It was probably just a human-shaped pogo-stick probe for the Roswell Aliens. And in 2008, a strange creature washed ashore there. But if you close your eyes and count to ten, maybe your wishes for space raccoons will come true.Special: Special forms of attack, or abilities that the monster has. The number at the end is what level they cast their spells at.Treasure: The typical treasure left behind, when you kill the enemy.

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