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As a student, I have been intimidated by many of my professors when it’s very obvious that they are extremely intelligent, accomplished, well spoken, passionate, organized, have their life together... Rather, it’s that it can be a bit intense to be in the presence of, and/or communicate with, someone like that.This is the real answer, it's the same thing as celebrities or authors or politicians.You don't want to come off as someone who is stupid next to someone who is smart so the students interactions are probably on the more formal and reserved side. I’m just a TA so take my words with a grain of salt.But, the type of intimidating you’re describing isn’t a bad thing. The students describing you as intimidating may prefer women instructors to be more warm and affectionate. Many of my colleagues that are women frequently bring snacks to their classes.And I have had a good career, which I suppose could be in itself intimidating, although I worked for it and suffered and struggled too, of course.Bit of dumb luck in there with a huge amount of elbow grease.rigor is intimidating to those who have not been tested - really tested - on what they know and how to explain and what....don't I can't speak for your university or course, but grade inflation and coddling undergrads who have a minimal understanding of their discipline is an absolute thing across the board, from high to low status schools.people having their limits exposed - especially those who have been told all their life that trying hard is enough - will be intimidated!

How is someone being good intimidating, especially when that person is supposed to be teaching or mentoring you? I have some colleagues that really blow me out of the water with teaching skills or just general smarts - I love that, because I can learn from them. Nobody — parent or student — wants to deal with a mean teacher.However, if you feel like you’ve tried everything and your teacher is still being mean, then you should talk to your parents to take further action. Talk to them one-on-one so they feel more comfortable being truthful.When you see someone who has some form of importance and you don't, it can be intimidating even though accomplished and put together people are just as human.So for some students, especially when looking up at put together adults, will feel intimidated.

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