Sweet dee is dating a retarded person video

Dennis' life goes downhill when the community mistakes him for a convicted sex offender that has been released from prison due to overcrowding.Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie reunite with Mac's convict father. The gang find themselves married to the mob when they sell a bag of cocaine that a group of mobsters hid in a pair of speakers. Charlie and Dee stick to the plan to sell drugs but use them all themselves.The gang find themselves at odds with a more successful Korean pub owner who bears a striking resemblance to former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.Meanwhile, Charlie becomes involved with the owner's daughter (Tania Gunadi).After reading about a serial killer terrorizing young women, half of The Gang suspects that Mac may be the serial killer when they notice how distant he's become and the other half try to catch the serial killer themselves.

The season contains 15 episodes and concluded airing on November 15, 2007.

This is a show so very well written, executed, and re-watchable! In this particular episode, every actor/actress brings their A game."It's retarded 3, normal 1""Do you even own a tooth brush?

" elicits the greatest reaction from Charlie, quite possibly the best Charlie reaction.

The gang gets involved in the world of fashion design after Dee gets jealous of her former high-school best friend (Judy Greer), who is now a successful boutique owner.

Meanwhile, Frank starts up his old sweatshop business and coaches Mac on how to run one.

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