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These repeated partitions can be done in various ways, such as dividing into 2 equal datasets and using them as training/validation, and then validation/training, or repeatedly selecting a random subset as a validation dataset.To validate the model performance, sometimes an additional test dataset that was held out from cross-validation is used.

Two predictive models are fit to the training data.Various networks are trained by minimization of an appropriate error function defined with respect to a training data set.The performance of the networks is then compared by evaluating the error function using an independent validation set, and the network having the smallest error with respect to the validation set is selected. Since this procedure can itself lead to some overfitting to the validation set, the performance of the selected network should be confirmed by measuring its performance on a third independent set of data called a test set.The green curve overfits the training data much less, as its MSE increases by less than a factor of 2..A dataset can be repeatedly split into a training dataset and a validation dataset: this is known as cross-validation.

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In particular, three data sets are commonly used in different stages of the creation of the model.

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