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The Mean Sun time is the length of a solar month is the average length of solar months in a year.

The True Moon time is the length of a lunar month is the length between two solar Sector Points.

But in China, a similar system could soon become a reality.

The Chinese government is planning on implementing a system that connects citizens' financial, social, political, and legal credit ratings into one big social trustability score.

Characters who act nice and don't appear smarmy can get five stars.

Proponents of the plan, like Chinese blogger Wenquan Xin, say the system is needed because many of China's 1.3 billion citizens don't own a credit card, and the country lacks an equivalent system to the US' FICO credit score.That means bankers and loan providers don't have much to go on.According to the Washington Post, eight private companies have created pilot "credit databases" that compile information about individuals.C.) used the Tiger month as the first month of the year 8-22 (A.D.) used used the Cow month as the first month of the year for a short period In order to find out the good solution for the Lunar Leap month, ancient Chinese astronomers had been looking for the common cycle of Sun and Moon.

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The history of the Chinese Lunar Calendar focused on how to add that lunar leap month into the calendar. C.) used the Tiger month as the first month of the year Chou Dynasty (1122 B.

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