Stages in christian dating courtship relationship

They often arrange to spend time, unchaperoned, with someone of the opposite sex. explains: “Dating as we know it probably emerged after World War I.” In many countries, however, dating never has become the custom.

In fact, the prospective bride and groom may still not meet until their wedding day.

Or she may be tempted to undergo an abortion, which the Bible shows to be a form of murder. You may be determined that dating will not have these consequences for you.

But many who were just as determined as you are have wound up facing these troubles. So, what kind of relationships can be more beneficial?

More often than not, dating involves some physical contact​—holding hands, kissing, or something beyond that.

At first, just touching the other person’s hand may be very pleasurable, causing one to feel a warm glow. The last link is sexual relations, which God’s Word shows is reserved for marriage mates.

(b) Why may this result in nervous tension for an unmarried person?

(c) If the physical contact leads to fornication, how can that result in calamity of many kinds?

Why is there the natural inclination to become progressively more intimate?The Bible shows that this is proper, listing joy as one of the “fruits” of God’s spirit.(Galatians ) Many young people, especially in Western lands, look to dating as a prime means of finding enjoyment.So remove vexation from your heart, and ward off calamity from your flesh; for youth and the prime of life are vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 11:9, 10) What does this mean?It means that the Creator wants you to enjoy your youth, but, at the same time, not to engage in conduct that will adversely affect your life later on.

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