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’ ‘Ten years ago, I went to my first, and only, speed dating event.‘This is back when the concept was fairly new and a bit of a novelty.She was pretty, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put a ‘yes’ next to her name.‘I’m not big on mummy issues.’ ‘I’ve been to over 40 speed dating nights.‘It was the late ’00s and vampires were big business back then, but still. ‘I immediately packed up to leave, pausing only to text my friends a drunk, brief message that said: “Got bit.

His hair was all over the place, and her make-up was smudged. Imagine this: you’re stuck in an elevator and have less than 60 seconds to pitch your business idea to the interested party.Those 60 seconds could change your life, but only if you figure out the right thing to say. Stressful, awkward and with me nervously rambling on, all the while hoping my date doesn’t notice the sweaty hand marks on my cocktail glass.‘My advice to others who are thinking about trying it?Don’t.’ ‘My fiancee and I met at a speed dating night.

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