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Ewan Mc Gregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are reportedly a new item after being spotted all loved-up in a London cafe.

The news broke shortly after it was confirmed he had split from his wife of 22-years, Eve Mavrakis. It's been speculated that the photos of Ewan and Elizabeth kissing were the reason for his split from Eve, but a source close to the family said that actually the couple haven't been together since May.

There must be a curse on all the original #TOWIE girls because they look AWFUL with all the Botox and filler :( #celebsgodating— 🔮♡Average Witch♡🔮 (@Tayla St James) August 18, 2019Ah yes. I wonder if they regret the change in their appearance?

I’ve been watching Celebs Go Dating & I cant believe what Lauren Goodger has done to herself either.

The “hot matches” filter that I’m sure you’ve seen it advertised for is a joke you’ll get the same people with or without it.

If you are looking for a confidence booster this will match you with lots of people ( however most will not be in the filters you pick).

"It’s impossible to look the same, but I think I look better now than I did then.

If your are not familiar with this you’ll have 6 days to go to the app storage and under manage subscriptions.

We are working on a distance filter right now, and it will be improved in our future updates!

IT' S the show which proves that celebrities' romantic lives aren't all that different from our own.

The Celebs Go Dating star has insisted cosmetic surgery does not help get rid of any internal insecurities.

She added: "It changed the outside shell but you’re still dealing with the insecurities inside.

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