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You never know who you will meet, maybe a new friend or even your soul mate.So get started now and don't miss out on the fun, just remember be safe and never give out your personal information to strangers.Instead, they will make you watch as they get to wank and cum whenever they want and then make you beg and plead for an orgasm and if they do allow you to cum, then they will make you lick up the mess or play with it.Running it between your fingers or smearing it all over your ass cheeks.If you want to connect with another user just press next and it will connect you instantly with another user that is online.

Making you bring it up close so they can squint at it and laugh at you as you try to stretch it out to make it bigger and then they have you measure it against your pinkie.They will make you into a cock sucking, cum guzzling sissy that they pimp out for cheap blowjobs to horny truckers or a cheap ass fuck for homosexuals who just want to fuck some one’s hole.Or they will make you get on your knees and kiss their boots or shoes and tell them how much of a wimp you are and how they are the real man and you are nothing but a toy for them to play with and dangle from the end of a string like a puppet, dancing to their tune.They also like to use cum control and orgasm denial to keep you in line.Keeping you horny, frustrated and on the edge, the whole time, not letting you cum till your dick is aching and throbbing but they will not let you cum.

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There is a stereotypical image of gay bdsm as guys in leather chaps with moustaches and leather caps and sunglasses but this could not be further from the truth.

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