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“Jersey City, as opposed to Manhattan, has a bit more of a community vibe.

While the majority of guys I’ve dated have been above 5ft 8 (great for gigs, not so great when walking with them), I wonder if I’m being too choosy.

The manager of the bagel shop, Patty, said the altercation began after a female staff member who was serving the man smiled at him. Accompanying clips in the twitter thread show the man, who was asked to just take his bagel and leave, throw his food to the ground before changing his mind and turning back to collect it - still raving about "women in general". The shop and its workers, however, aren't letting the strange incident affect them too much - and are planning on baking "angry cookies" to sell tomorrow.

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Then the short man advises a turquoise shirted do-gooder who tries to calm the situation: "Shut your mouth, you're not God or my father, or my boss. "You don't talk to people like that," the man tells him, heroically. “He started saying, ' It’s because I’m short and nobody wants me.” Speaking of the tall man who tackled the shortstop to the ground, Patty describes him as her "hero".

Diana Reyes, 18, who filmed the incident, claims she wanted to catch the the bagel shop rant on camera in case anything serious occurred. I personally never have heard anyone say that [comment about men under 5ft] but to be there in person, it’s insane to see that someone has that mind process,” she said. “He is our hero, if he didn’t tackle him it would’ve gone on and on” she said.

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Things appear to get physical as the woman confronts him saying "what are you mad for" before a smacking noise is heard and she yells "get your hands off me".

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