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It was originally supposed to be worn without a bra. The actual dress they had designed for me sort sexy on its own.It was more about their consistent theme to downplay my role as a songwriter or a career musician.There’s no reason I shouldn’t have played my own music. My friend told me that I had to step into their shoes. First decide what the story is going to be and then present it with all the components. I proposed a love story: his song and my song, symbolic of our marriage as two songwriters. But, do you know when they officially approved of this plan? They booked the musicians’ flights 36 hours before they were to leave.All of our backline was present and waiting for us, down to the correct make and model number on each amplifier. (Ironically, it was rented from Guo Jian’s band’s Shanghai-based guzheng player—small world! Those ten minutes comprise my favourite part of the whole experience.) So, when I saw how professional it all was, I was not worried in the least. When the technical backdrop is present, professional musicians can do what they do best: play music. I can still feel myself, rising separate from the stage, suspended in the studio’s rafters, rapt.My erhu player (who also plays guzheng) rolled her eyes at them and said in typical spunky fashion, “That’s TV! I’ve been booking and promoting their Canadian tours for two years.

Besides, they couldn’t have me in yellow since that was “the little daisy,” or Huang Yuerong’s colour–whose last name actually means “yellow.” Backstage, I kept joking that my real symbol was the pumpkin, not the sunflower. When I had to change, I asked for my “pumpkin dress” and soon the make-up staff was calling me “pumpkin big sister.” The two-by-two competition style was extremely strange.I wasted some time messing around with Guo Jians’ sample tracks for a while, in the few spare moments I have between mothering and all the other projects I have going on.But, in this case, there were too many issues to resolve.The only problem was that they still wanted a backing track.They agreed to the live band, but they were worried that it would still sound empty without a keyboard.

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