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These days we seem to have a very conservative view of sex but, for the ancient cultures of Peru, it was not something to be hidden away.They saw a power in the physicality of love that transcended just the act itself.It’s also a nice way to have company if you are travelling solo.I am a ‘Wanderer’ with G Adventures and they have great tours in Peru.Yet sex workers rework these spaces, through evasion, discretion, and social, economic and affective relations, to protect their income and themselves, in a broader landscape of physical and economic insecurity.At times they make overt claims to occupy and generate income through these spaces unconditionally―acts of occupational citizenship that constitute them as citizens despite their not being treated as such by the state.This, however, is one of the reasons why researchers are able to say that this artwork has a deeper significance than just being Peruvian pottery porn.

Lima was founded by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in1535, as Ciudad de los Reyes.

Away from the main building of the museum, in a smaller section behind some vines, is the Gallery of Erotic Art.

I find it slightly odd that it’s in its own section, seeing as the people who made these pieces saw these depictions as something intertwined (quite literally) with the rest of their culture. There is a lot of shame in the idea of the erotic today.

Participants’ tendency to emphasise particular aspects of their identities―as respectable citizens and responsible workers― resisted certain normative constructions of sex work(ers), gender, sexuality, class and race, but reproduced others, thus recasting but not necessarily contesting boundaries between in-place citizens and out-of-place others.

I discuss implications for sex work policy, public health practice, and collective action.

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And, it’s true, the artwork seems graphic and a bit shocking by today’s standards.

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