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Just as you don't think about your eye color every day, people with visual impairment don't always think about their condition every day either.

Someone with sight problems can become isolated from others more easily, though.

It helps focus light, as does the lens, which sits just behind the iris.

When light enters the eye, the retina changes the light into nerve signals.

The American Foundation for the Blind estimates that 10 million people in the United States are visually impaired.

Visual impairment is a term experts use to describe any kind of vision loss, whether it's someone who cannot see at all or someone who has partial vision loss.

They haven't lost their sight completely but have lost enough vision that they'd have to stand 20 feet from an object to see it as well as someone with perfect vision could from 200 feet away.

He later became an inventor and the designer of braille writing, which enables people who are blind to read by feeling a series of organized bumps representing letters.

This concept was beneficial to all blind people from around the world and is still commonly used today.

Conditions that may cause vision loss after birth include: If you, your parent, or your doctor suspects a visual problem, you'll probably pay a visit to an ophthalmologist (pronounced: af-thal-MAH-luh-jist), a medical doctor who specializes in examining, diagnosing, and treating eyes and eye diseases.

When someone goes for an examination, the ophthalmologist will look at the structure of that person's eye.

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Eye injuries, mostly occurring in people under 30, are the leading cause of monocular blindness (vision loss in one eye).

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