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Some dentists may include sedation in their costs for more complex procedures, such as cosmetic dental work.But many dental plans do not cover conscious sedation if it’s not required by medical regulations.Distributions of physiological measures did not differ during levels of sedation (deep, mild/moderate, or awake/alert: heart rate, The need for sedative therapy in critical care adults receiving mechanical ventilation is well established; 85% of intensive care unit (ICU) patients are given intravenous sedatives to help attenuate the anxiety, pain, and agitation associated with mechanical ventilation.However, use of inappropriately high or low levels of sedation in critically ill adults has marked risks.Although sedation protocols reduce the duration of mechanical ventilation However, the extent to which these various levels of sedation actually achieve sedation outcomes of a stable physiological status and comfort is unknown.Therefore, the specific aim of this prospective study was to describe the relationship among sedation, stability of physiological status, and comfort during a 24-hour period in patients receiving mechanical ventilation.

It’s also often used during endoscopies and minor surgical procedures to relax patients and minimize discomfort.

That’s because typically, only local numbing agents are used in these cases.

Some procedures, such as colonoscopies, may include conscious sedation without a request, but you can ask for different levels of sedation.

The planned sample size of 175 patients was determined by using a power calculation based on testing for a significant partial correlation ( 0.2) in a multivariate analysis (at α= .05) with at least 80% power.

A total of 176 patients met the inclusion criteria and were enrolled in the study; of these, 169 had data sufficient for analysis.

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Read on to learn how exactly it works, what it feels like, and how it might be used.

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