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It creates a culture that not only shares its liking for paid sex but also its life philosophy. First of all, sex tourists have created a non- pejorative definition of their practice that excludes terms such as "sex tourist" or "sex depredator."For them, men who pay for sex are "whoremongers", a word that is shortened to "mongers." The dictionary defines as "A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable." A whoremonger is a man who likes paid sex.

The large concentration of mongers and sex workers in a few hotels must be taken into account as part of the Costa Rican excitement.

On the contrary, many mongers report being sought by their American female counterparts and many do have sex with them.

So, if they get infected in these countries, they will probably infect also their wives and partners back home.

Another sex tourist responds: They always call you "mi amor." That means "stupid gringo asshole" in español.

They are very good at making you thinking they really love you.

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