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Sarah was so believable as a year-old woman inside a year-old's body.The song went number one on i Tunes Philippines and became an instant hit in the country.It was the first ever sold-out local show in the history of the said arena.International producer Christian de Walden praised Geronimo's voice and said "The personality of her voice is phenomenally distinct.I wanted to have that kind of worldwide fame," added, "I want to be like him, while performing, everyone gets so wild and emotional.Gil of the Philippine Star with the comment, "Who needs a dancing Martin anyway when you have the long-limbed Sarah there, who is a daring, enthusiastic dancer?Seven, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were studying together such as reading books…Wehh, but what if they would rather look every page of a book rather than to read, but their learning skills a little bit, and then they giggle together?

Whether it is true or not, Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz deserves privacy.Four, it is all about a half-hearted romantic bone-head.Six, it is all about a stupid lying of loving, shrinking their heart opposite just like Pinocchio who often tell a lie so his nose streches as if they would stall their romantic feeling.There are reports saying that they are not in good terms but yesterday on the Buzz hosted by no less than Mr. Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach, Cristine failed to confirm the allegation and according to her, she and Rayver are in full control of the situation. Recommended: Sarah Geronimo’s taped interview on the Buzz (March 25, 2012) Sarah Geronimo’s latest photo on Sarah G, Live fifth episode, March 25, 2012 Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s unexplainable body language Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s sweet moments together CLICK HERE FOR MORE UPDATES…Riggs; David Berrigan & Sarah Locke; Mei Mei Berssenbrugge & Richard Tuttle; . Four, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were teasing together like a clown merrying with a lousy motivation.

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Women of the World" global playlist with her song 'Tayo' in celebration of the Women's Month.

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