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So when we started talking, we said, ‘Listen, let’s do this old school, nothing is allowed to be plugged in’.

The point is hilariously illustrated today, when we praise Bonamassa’s talking-head appearance on the BB King documentary, The Life Of Riley, only to find him non-plussed, apparently so dizzy with projects and press that he wasn’t even aware he contributed. From his unfussy, blues-breaking pre-millennial roots, through 2007’s acoustic-leaning , he’s actually risked tearing up his meal-ticket at every juncture, rather contrary to the sneered theories that he’s a dead-eyed careerist mass-producing hay while the sun shines.And then there’s the other bands, who just decided to go, ‘Hey, let’s just play it like we do in the arenas, with rubberband-sounding guitars’, and you’re going, ‘Uh-oh, that’s not exactly my idea of a good time’.I remember Stevie Ray Vaughan did a great , where he was such a powerful musician that he could just come out with a Guild 12-string, like a Chris Whitley sort of situation, where a guy makes so much music with one guitar that he doesn’t need anybody to back him up. In the last 13 years Bonamassa has put out 15 solo albums through his independent record label J&R Adventures, of which 11 have reached number 1 on the Billboard Blues charts.He completed a collaboration album with Beth Hart entitled Don’t Explain.

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There’s always gonna be that level of absolute fiction. You’re never gonna be universally liked.”We should stress, the statistics prove beyond doubt the ‘pro’ camp is winning: the venues are getting bigger, the suits better-cut, the magazine features more lavish and the chart placings higher, with last year’s a career-best UK No.2 (pipped by Emeli Sandé, of all people). And yet, there have been sleeve-mutterings, even among those who broadly term themselves ‘fans’, that Bonamassa is in danger of saturating his market, spreading himself too thin. As a solo artist, in Black Country Communion and alongside the spirited soul singer Beth Hart, he’s put out a total of eight studio albums in the past four years (to discount the myriad live releases and axe-for-hire cameos with acts as disparate as Europe and Henrik Freischlader).

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  1. I tried re-answering a bunch of questions, hoping to influence the almighty algorithm into changing its bleak perception of me, but that didn't do anything. I re-took the "dating persona" test (after having done it years earlier) and really thought about my answers carefully. According to OK Cupid, I used to be "The Playboy" and now I'm "The Bachelor." Much better! Take a look at the before and after versions of my personality: As you can see, the whole "not ambitious" thing is gone, which is great! Just wanted to share in case it helps anyone portray themselves more accurately.