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What, which, and when are all good terms to use because they are "question" terms.

Question terms are great to use in headlines and titles because they suggest that the writer will provide a significant answer to an important inquiry.

The best way to learn what makes a good headline is to have the opportunity to split test them.

I use a dead simple Word Press plugin called Title Split Testing to create a bunch of headline variations for every post I write.

While I’m not a fan of their headlines, Upworthy and Buzzfeed make huge promises in their headlines that their content will make you experience extreme emotional responses e.g.

They simply write a large number of variations and let science pick the winner.Today we’re experiencing another shift led by social behaviour.Headlines now need to be all of the above, as well as being shareable and extremely clickable. I’ve listed some of the key components below, but I want to first clarify that none of the fundamentals of headline writing have changed. It’s the technology that’s changed – and the headline formats are simply adapting to these new technologies. Want to know Upworthy’s secret to reaching 80,000,000 unique visits per month?They write more headline variations than anyone else.Every post published to Upworthy has 25 different headlines that are A/B tested to find the one that’s most clickable and shareable.

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Over the years, the function of the headline has evolved.

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