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In my mind, however, 48-72 hours is underestimating the time it often takes to prepare and agree to a joint venture agreement, organize the joint venture under state law, obtain an EIN, DUNS number, and CAGE Code, and then complete the SAM registration.In our practice, we recommend that potential venturers take care of these tasks as soon as possible after the solicitation is released—after all, if you can’t timely get an entity registered to compete for a bid, what’s the point of spending the time and money to prepare the bid in the first place?The SAM Splint is radiolucent meaning it does not interfere with X-Rays.They are used on board the International Space Station as a light weight compact splint, for this reason the acronym SAM is often said to refer to “Space Aviation Medicine”.In a final rule published last week, the Council amended FAR 4.1102 to require offerors to be registered in SAM .

It can be easily cut with any scissors or shears, to make smaller devices such as finger splints.

Keep in mind, too, that an existing SAM registration needs to be accurate and up-to-date.

It’s a common misconception that registrations only need to be updated once a year.

The SAM (structural aluminum malleable) splint is a compact, lightweight, highly versatile device designed for immobilizing bone and soft tissue injuries in emergency settings.

It consists of a layer of .016 inches (0.41 mm) strips of soft aluminum, with a polyethylene closed-cell foam coating. Sam Scheinberg who, as a trauma surgeon during the Vietnam War, found that field medics generally ignored the splint they were issued by the Army.

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